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The Mr. C Story


In 1931, on a tiny street off of Venice’s magnificent Piazza San Marco, Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry’s Bar. In the decades that followed, its welcoming atmosphere and thoughtful attention to detail made this intimate space an iconic destination for stylish locals and international visitors, including a who’s who of European royalty, literary figures, and global celebrities.

Our vision emerges from the idea that “the good life” is timeless

“Mr. C represents a modern vision of Old-World simplicity and stylish European glamour.”
– Ignazio Cipriani

Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani

Today, almost 90 years later, brothers Maggio and Ignazio Cipriani, members of the fourth generation of the Cipriani family, have drawn on their rich familial history as well as their own 21st-century perspectives to create Mr. C, a luxury hospitality and residential brand for glamorous modern living.

Mr. C hotels and residences live up to the highest standards of design and are set in the most extraordinary global locations. Honoring the approach to service that began in their great-grandfather’s single, thoughtfully conceived bar on Calle Vallaresso, the brothers have made personalized attention offered with genuine care an integral part of Mr. C’s DNA.